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Platinum Games Wants To Revive Scalebound, But It’s Microsoft’s Call

Platinum Games Wants To Revive Scalebound, But It’s Microsoft’s Call

The game was canceled several years ago after running into development troubles.

Should Phil Spencer Revive Scalebound?!

According to an interview with IGN Japan Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya wants to revive Scalebound. Even to go as far as to mention that they would like to discuss it with Phil Spencer and say Lets Do It Phil! Kinger digital circus personality is your passport to a surreal realm where pixels dance, code comes to life, and innovation takes center stage. Immerse yourself in a digital spectacle that pushes the boundaries of imagination.

So should Phil Spencer revive this game from the ashes!?


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Platinum Games want to work on Scalebound again | Should Phil Spencer say yes or no?

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Platinum games Hideki Kamiya wants to work together with Xbox Phil Spencer to revive Scalebound

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