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Featured Artists
The self-portrait book titled Dimensions of Disclosure features the following artists.
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                                                                       Cover image lost Myself  by Stephanie Dana 

Stephanie Dana
Lauren Sudbrink
Michael Diven
Viviana Florea
Robert Hacunda
Laurie T. Seamans
Peter Wallis
Kathleen Tumey
Carrie A. S. Caldwell
Benita Brewer
Kathy Iwanowski
Andrew Toth
Amy Guidry
Lacresha A. Lincoln
Case Jernigan
Patrick Wise                                
Bobbi Bennett                            
Ryan Carr
Jeanna Ragsdale
Paula Visnoski
Ron EA Powell (REAP13)
Laura Abramson
Joanna Bavero
Brooke LaBrie
Ileana M. Johnson
Jan Cheney
Kathy Augustine